Monday, March 06, 2006

Time For Birthday Cake!!!

One of the few indulgences I got when I was pregnant with Jordan was a few tastes of chocolate! I knew that he would want a chocolate cake at his party!! I just loved the balloons!

Of course his party would not be complete without an Angel Food Cake!!

Mommy and Daddy blowing out his candle, we are laughing because although there was only one candle it took us working together about three tries to get it out!!!

Happy Birthday Precious Son!

First piece of cake goes to Mommy right?


At 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face! What a beautiful thing to look at. Just knowing that my precious little ones had a really just means so much to me. Thank you so much Jenny and the rest of your family! What a beautiful tribute to Jordan and such a precious way to celebrate his first birthday! I'm smiling just thinking about how awesome it must look to see brightly colored balloons coming UP at you!!
Happy Birthday Jordan!

To my little Eva Cecelia and her brothers and sisters...I love you and wish you were here with Mommy, Daddy, and Elena. Remember to thank Jordan for the party and the balloons his Mommy and Daddy sent up!

Love...your HP sister,


At 12:29 PM, Blogger jess said...

dh and I both cried when we saw the balloons way up in the sky... we miss our Rees and Evan so much...
Thank you for including them!

jessclark (HP)

At 2:41 PM, Blogger BJ said...

Oh, Jenny!! What a precious, precious sight! Don't you know Jordan had a blast! Thank you again for including our precious children in your beautiful celebration-- it is something that Jody and I will never forget!

Beth (hp--Beth_J)

At 3:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Jenny!

How moving the photos of the balloons are, up up and away! Balloon releases are my very favorite!! I cannot thank you enough for including my Rowan and our three unnamed little ones in Jordan's birthday celebration! How I wish we were close enough to share in the angel food cake too!

Happy Birthday in Heaven Jordan... so many hearts are uplifted by your family in your honor.

With love,
Rowan's Mom

At 5:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to tell you how thoughtful you were to include all of our sweet angels in with your special Jordan on his special birthday. It wasn't until I saw Anabelle's beautiful purple balloon did it really hit me emotionally. It broke my heart when we were unable to do anything special for her 1st birthday. But seeing a balloon especially for her, and knowing she was there celebrating her friends 1st birthday was all the joy and memories I needed.

Thank you Jenny for being a sweet and caring person and taking the time to remember all of our little ones.

With Love

At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I attended Jordan Birthday party, and I was a little afraid, as it would break my heart, BUT... it was a celebration....
As we released the baloons, I kiss my balloon for Jordan and one for My mom, and my sister, Emily,who is watching him play.
..........I love you Jordan, and we think of you every day.
Jordan Grandma... XXXXXX

At 5:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Jenny

It is so special. I am so touched by this and what a beautiful way to celebrate Jordans birthday. It brought tears to my eyes to know that little Hannah is celebrating with Jordan and I know they taken care of very well. It has inspired and encouraged me so much. God bless you abundantly

Happy Birthday Jordan!!!!!!
Lots of love
Megan - Meghug (Hannahs Prayer forum)


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