Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another year later

I suppose it is no coincidence that as soon as I started my education, my blogging hit a road block! I seem to be writing term papers and studying for exams with all of my free time. But so much has happened this year that I decided that I had better update my blog in lieu of a Christmas letter.

I graduated in May from Simpson University with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership. I can't believe how quickly that three years went! I spent my summer studying my butt off for the GMAT test so I could apply at Drexel University, to my surprise and delight, I was accepted! That meant pulling up roots from Redding and planting myself closer to school. I applied with Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency as a housing specialist and I also applied with El Dorado County as a CalWORKs worker. I was offered both jobs in the same week! I decided to go with SHRA because it was much closer to Drexel, although the six bucks extra per hour didn't hurt either! :-)

Charles and I got a cute little apartment in Folsom. Our cat, Gypsy, seems to be adjusting well to the move. She loves to slip and slide on the wood floors and we tease her about trying to be a little too much like Tom Cruise. Charles loves being so close to work!

Ben changed specialties from Explosive Ordinance Disposal to Multiple Launch Rocket Systems. That soldier of mine sure does like to worry his Mom! He is having a blast though both literally and figuratively! In June, his girlfriend, Megan flew out to Florida to visit him. She came home with a sweet smile on her face and a big diamond on her finger! They are engaged to be married and are planning the wedding for when Ben finishes his time in the Army. I couldn't be happier with his choice in brides and I just adore his precious finance!

Christopher called me with a terrifying call in November, he was in a horrible car accident on HWY 50 in Sacramento. Luckily he escaped with just a few bumps and bruises, slight whiplash and severe concussion, but he scared me to death!! Without a car, he decided to move back home for a little while. He is staying with us in Folsom just for a month or two until he can get into his own apartment in Sacramento. He is working at the Starbucks on 65th and loves his new work crew.

Zachary decided to spend some time in Oregon getting to know his Dad again. We were sad to see him travel north, but happy that he was getting to have some time with his "other family."
After six months up there, he decided that Redding really was his home sweet home and plans to move back by the end of the year. Since my parents are still living in our home up there, he will stay with them for the remainder of his Senior year.

If it seems like this year has been relatively uneventful, that is mostly because of all of the time I have spent studying. Charles has been doing the same. In another year or two, my blog will be filled with exciting news of accomplishments, travels, and maybe some wedding pictures from Ben and Megan! In the meanwhile, drop me a line from time to time just to make sure I haven't been eaten alive by my economics book, trust me, I will be happy to hear a friendly voice!


At 11:14 AM, Blogger Leah said...

Hi Jenny!! It was good to catch up with you on your blog. Hope you are doing well. I, too, have my nose buried in books and my fingers glued to the piano these days. I am working on my master's in piano pedagogy!! I'm so very excited that God opened this opportunity up for me! I have 2 awesome private teachers. I'm also teaching piano from our home as well as being a pastor's wife. Charity turned 2 in October- hard to believe! I blog about our life at if you ever want to see what we're up to. :)


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