Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Balloons all over the world going up to Jordan!

Here are the photos from all over the Western Hemisphere of people celebrating Jordan's birthday!! I am so excited to be posting them!

Melissa from Michigan and her kids Logan and Hannah release balloons in the snow!

Lora and her kids Artie -5 and Victoria -2 mos release a great Spongebob balloon in New York!

Erin and Jordan release balloons in Canada!

Amy's three sons from Annapolis, Maryland. Jordan agreed to share the balloon with their little brother in Heaven, missing tiny Benjamin.

The boys are; by order of height, Todd (14), Joshua (11), and Jacob (7)

Here is Cheri with her tribe of little ones; Nicole 12, Katie 8, Megan 3, Matthew 2, Lillian born 3/22/07. Jordan is sharing the balloons with their brother or sister who went to heaven in March of 2002.

Crystalyn's son Boo getting ready to release balloons!

Here is what the rainbow stands for;
Remember MOMMY loves you!
Obviously your DADDY loves you!
Your BROTHERS love you!
God loves you!
Boo and Beet love you!
Positively your HER Aunties love you!

These balloons were released in Yellowknife NWT, Canada by Cindy; Mom to Alex, 5 -- Isaac, 2 -- Naomi, 7 months

Sara's kids; Ace-8 and Zoe-2 in Colorado

Kelly with her kids Isaac and Noah (Elijah was hiding inside)

Keri with her kids in Las Vegas, Nevada

Megan from San Diego released this balloon with her kids; Cole, Kenzie and Ella (still inside Mom)

Sunsent in San Diego as the balloon rises up!

Tierra released these in Texas

Tina and her boys released these in Utah!


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